Oral Health Check-Ups inĀ Darlington

You will be invited to attend every six months for routine Oral Health Assessments where we will look at all aspects of your dental health plus discuss your general health with you too.


A full medical history is taken every time you attend and it is always useful to let the team know about any changes to your general health as soon as you know.

Oral Health Assessments (dental check-up)

During an Oral Health Assessment we will look at:


  • The outside of your mouth around your head and neck looking for signs of disease, problems with the jaw joints and opening of your mouth
  • All the soft tissues lining the mouth – primarily looking for early signs of oral cancer and other conditions
  • The gum health, do they bleed, are they swollen? We will also measure between the gum and the tooth looking for “pockets” which are a sign of more advanced gum disease.
  • Your teeth for decay, wear from acids and toot much brushing or clenching/grinding
  • How your teeth function together as a set, any anomalies?


At the end of the visual inspection we may take X-ray radiographs to aid our diagnosis, particularly in relation to dental decay and gum disease.

New Patient Assessments

A New Patient Assessment also contains all of the above elements and we will spend longer finding out your dental history.


  • Do you have any concerns about dental treatment?
  • How has your care progressed in the past?
  • Your toothbrushing habits and dietary habits
  • Do you smoke?


At the end of your Oral Health Assessment we will usually report our findings and then discuss various treatment options with you. There is often more than one course of treatment possibilities so it is important you understand all the options and we will spend time with you explaining this. We will also spend time explaining costings and offer several ways to pay for your treatment.

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