Straightening Your Teeth in Darlington

Straightening teeth used to be the domain of the teenager. Heavy metal brackets and wires for 2 -3 years was the treatment of the day. There are many people who did not have their teeth straightened or orthodontic treatment when they were younger or perhaps they did but didn’t wear their retainers for the period of time recommended and so their teeth relapsed.


This is very common and in the fairly recent past if these patients wanted to align their teeth they were offered veneers or crowns which involved destruction of tooth tissue.


Thanks to developments in technology associated with orthodontics we now have several methods available that allow much quicker alignment of teeth with more discreet braces and sometimes with near invisible aligners. This means we are now able to improve the positions of your teeth without sacrificing tooth tissues and preparing teeth for crowns or veneers when not needed.

At the Gentle Dental Centre in Darlington we use the following three straightening systems:

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