Replacing Your Teeth in Darlington

We do whatever is possible to restore and save teeth but unfortunately sometimes a tooth or teeth need to be removed. When this happens it can feel quite overwhelming for patients and we understand this so we will discuss all possible options to replace the missing tooth with you.


Perhaps you have already got one or more missing teeth and you would like to know how you could replace them. Our team will assess your oral health and offer solutions to suit you. There may be more than one way to replace these teeth and so we will talk through the relative merits, costs, and timescales of each with you.


Missing teeth can be replaced with


  • Dentures or false teeth, usually made from plastics and being removable
  • Bridges, various types from sticky bridges to fixed bridges – permanent fixed solutions
  • Restorations placed on Dental Implants – the closest alternative to a real tooth

In all these situations we work closely with our skilled Dental Technician to deliver a functional and highly aesthetic result.

Close up of dentist hand and patient pointing finger to jaw or teeth layout at Dental Practice in Darlington UK
Where possible we always try to repair, however when all is lost we will replace…

caring for your smile . . .

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